Limited Warranty

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Limited Warranty

Tile By Design (TXD) warrants that the products it sells are free from defects in materials and workmanship and that the products conform to the applicable specifications, if any, in the manufacturers' current product brochures.

TXD offers the original owner a one-year limited warranty on tile products. In the event of a defect in the product, TXD will replace it with a product of equal value. If TXD cannot replace the product it may, at its option, refund the original purchase price.

Alleged defects, or claims concerning color, shade, sizing, texture or markings will not be allowed after products are installed. Installation constitutes acceptance. Customers may request a credit when inventoried products are returned in salable condition.


TXD takes no responsibility for the installation of its products or for the methods used.

The owner is responsible for any act or omission which might damage the product after installation.

Labor charges for product removal or replacement are specifically excluded, except in the case of latent or hidden defects.

Indirect and consequential damages are also excluded.

TXD makes no warranty with respect to merchantability of the products, to the fitness for a particular purpose or for the representations of any employee, installer, dealer or other agent.

Inspection requirements, delivery delays, order termination, return of goods and all other buyer and seller responsibilities are governed exclusively by TXD's Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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