Wizard Enterprise: Over 25 Years of Fine Tile Making

Don’t let that lovely old-fashioned logo fool you – Wizard Enterprise is as sophisticated and trendy as can be! With countless trendy styles from old-world to black metal, this high-end tile brand is a great fit for modern interior design. And Wizard’s luxurious products are exclusively available through certified showrooms like Tile X Design!

Wizard Enterprise Tile Collections

Wizard Enterprise stands apart for its skilled use of texture. Beading and natural variation create a truly standout piece of artisan craftsmanship, and with customization options, you can create a tile masterpiece that’s uniquely yours.

Tile X Design in Plymouth carries the following Wizard Enterprise tile lines:

  • Wizard Tile
  • Bison Brick

Wizard Enterprise FAQs

Can Wizard crackle glazes be used in the shower?

Yes, as long as they are sealed properly. Tiles with crackle glazes receive a temporary sealer in the factory that will hold up through installation. After installation, this type of tile requires sealing with a penetrating sealer at the same time you seal the grout.

Can I use Wizard products on my fireplace?

Yes! Wizard Tile, Bison Brick, and Hawthorne are suitable for fireplaces. The ceramic tile and brick have a Class A fire rating and a Flame Spread Rating of 0. When properly installed, they can be used in any high-heat application. However, constant exposure to direct flame is not recommended, as glazes will discolor.

How do you clean Wizard tile?

The manufacturer recommends simply wiping the tile with a damp cleaning cloth. For larger messes, use a non-abrasive household cleaner, such as Soft Scrub. Never use acid or abrasive cleansers on this type of tile.

How much does Wizard tile Cost?

  • Wizard tile retail prices start in the low $20s for basic rectangle shapes in solid glossy glazes. The most popular gloss crackle glazes start in the mid $20s per square foot.
  • Ceramic mosaics are priced by size and complexity, with larger, less complicated patterns starting in the upper $20s. The most complicated patterns with the greatest number of pieces max out in the $150s per square foot.
  • Classic white glazed Bison Brick 2×8 starts in the low to mid $20s retail, while art glazes start in the upper $20s. Smaller, more decorative bricks cost more, up to the $60s per square foot.

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With Tile X Design being able to get a hold of in-stock lines, you can get your product quickly and efficiently. Our high-end service is the perfect partner to the unique excellence that is Wizard Enterprise tile.

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