Anti-Slip, Durable, Wear-Resistant Tile With Victorian Style

TopCer’s tiles are tough-as-nails, and the company isn’t shy about saying this on its website. Its wares boast anything from frost-resistant natures to high-traffic-worthy strength, making it a great choice for heavily-used buildings or those exposed to the elements. When your tile can’t afford to be babied, trust no other than TopCer!

But TopCer isn’t just utilitarian; It’s a gorgeous interior and exterior tile brand to boot. Beauty and brawn unite under one name, as the brand is a proud maker of Victorian borders and mosaics. With tiles made in classic and traditional color ranges, TopCer brings the timeless charm of the Victorian era into the modern age, with designs suitable for a luxe hospitality building, a high-end business on the ritzy side of town, or even your own laundry room.

Explore TopCer Products at Tile X Design

When you demand the best in strength alongside the best in beauty, look no further than TopCer at Tile X Design in Plymouth. We currently stock many sizes, shapes, surfaces, and colors of TopCer tiles, including:

To learn more about this tile brand, contact Tile X Design of Plymouth, Minnesota today! We’ve helped homeowners, designers, and contractors alike find the perfect decorative tile brand for their needs. For you, that very well could be TopCer, with its vintage style and industrial construction.

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