Uniquely Shaped Tile for a Variety of Looks

Tonalite is a tile brand from Italy that certainly makes an impression. Its products come in a variety of shapes, which in turn allows it to stop the passerby in their tracks or create a room your clients will love.

From zig-zags to hexagons to your standard-issue rectangle, this brand has the unique shapes, hues, and design possibilities architects and homeowners need to make tangible their ideas and give them a unique and vivacious character.

Loud and Playful Yet Classy Too

Color is huge in the Tonalite brand; everything from a zippy blue to a sophisticated olive to more mellow colors is brought to life in the kitchen tile, bathroom tile, and more this brand creates. This brand stresses the role of ceramic tile as a design tool that can completely reinvent a given space, and it certainly makes products with that capability.

But don’t mistake the brand’s penchant for bright colors and unique shapes as disrespect for tradition! Tonalite is just as good at producing more sophisticated, familiar ceramic tile colors and shapes, like gentle browns, off-whites, and squares. The brand harkens back to 1972, so it has a deep respect for history.

A Long Life, Quality Product, and a Broad Reach

Almost 40 years of experience doing what Tonalite does has made it a strong contender in the high-end tile world.

More than 40 countries sell its wares, and its huge network of distributors are a testament to both its ingenuity in design and high-quality products.

Perhaps, too, it’s a testament to how the company is constantly working to evolve and adopt new technology while at the same time staying true to its roots – to craftsmanship, that is.

Tile X Design Is Proud to Stock the Following Tonalite Lines:

  • Aquarel
  • Crayon
  • Esamarine
  • Geomat
  • Joyful
  • Lingotti
  • Metal20
  • Metal40
  • Nuance
  • Oblique
  • Paintboard
  • Scandi
  • Tissue
  • Trapez Gloss
  • Trapez Matt

For more information, please view our Tonalite tear sheet.

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