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Fireplace tile, wall tile, entryway tile, backsplash tile – you name it, Sonoma Tilemakers has a product for you. This versatile and aesthetically pleasing brand comes in every texture from rustic to refined, but all of them have an artesian look, and all of them draw the eye. The variety of colors they come in, from the muted naturals of the Astoria collection to the deep and multidimensional hues of Vihara, is simply exquisite. The brand thus renders itself a wonderful choice for everything from your designer apartment to your luxury farmhouse. Create backsplashes deserving of their own frames and fireplaces more alluring than the fires which they contain with tile from Sonoma Tilemakers.

When you purchase tile from Sonoma Tilemakers, you’re buying for a brand that has a true respect for the art of tile and its ability to transform the space in which you live. According to their official website, Sonoma Tilemakers regularly travels the world to seek out tile designs that are new and exciting. Constantly seeking inspiration and the latest in tile, the brand exemplifies what it means to stand apart in this industry. Plus, if world travel doesn’t epitomize commitment to one’s mission, we don’t know what does! As far as tile brands go, Sonoma Tilemakers truly shines with quality that comes from dedication and the constant seeking of the new.

It’s this attitude that we at Tile by Design strive to also display in our work. As a distributor of a great variety of tile types, we know that what we do is just as important as what our brands do, and we work hard to make your tile-buying experience as positive as we can.

Work with Tile by Design and Get Great Tile and Even Greater Service

Just like Sonoma Tilemakers, we constantly endeavor to bring you the latest and greatest in all sorts of tiles – cooktop, kitchen, you name it. Our cultivation of a massive network of brands makes us quite adept in this respect. When you shop with Tile by Design, you can rest easy knowing you’ll find exactly what you need, and that your design of choice will be a quality product.

Of course, we don’t just bring you great tile – we bring you great service too.

  • Our business caters to multiple tile-buying needs. Are you an architect just stopping in to seek inspiration for your next product? A homeowner seeking in-depth tile-buying advice? Our flexible methods of attending to customers (free browsing or personalized appointments) mean that you’ll feel attended-to, but not suffocated, when you walk through our doors.
  • We can assist you on multiple fronts. Tile-distributing isn’t where our services end! We’d be happy to help with anything from design advice to contractor recommendations. For designers, architects and the like, we also host a variety of seminars that are relevant to continuing your education.
  • Don’t feel like stopping in? Our site is loaded with guides. For the busy industry professional, we have tons of handy online how-tos. We understand that your time is valuable, so if you have a simple tile question, simply consult them.

Stop In Today for Personalized Tile Help

Awesome tile and amazing service – you couldn’t ask for more! See for yourself what Tile by Design is all about by visiting our Plymouth location, or give us a call now at 763-551-5900 with your questions.

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