SomerTile: Decorative, Classic, & Contemporary

Classic is the new contemporary, and nowhere is this idea more exemplified than in SomerTile’s countless collections. The brand boasts bold, geometric designs for both wall and floor tile that are modern, statement-making powerhouses, while harkening back to design trends of times long past. In SomerTile’s commercial and residential products, you’ll find intriguing ways to set your project apart – ways that make the passerby stop and stare as they try to place its style.

If you’re looking for a tile that’s decidedly different, yet still perfectly pleasing, look no further than SomerTile. It’s no wonder Tile X Design is proud to partner with this brand!

SomerTile’s Variety of Uses

Versatility is one of SomerTile’s best traits. From delicate mosaics to made-tough floor tiles, you’re sure to find a beautifully unique product that suits your needs. Architects, homeowners, and contractors alike will find a functional fit in this brand.

Aesthetically, the brand is versatile, too. A fusion of classical and contemporary, SomerTile products deviate more towards one side of this scale than the other. Nowhere, however, do things get so old-fashioned as to be off-trend, or so avant garde that they perplex more than please. In all of its products, SomerTile effortlessly mixes themes to create something entirely novel – and more than notable.

Shop Tile X Design for SomerTile Products

Whether you’re interested in the beautifully beige Argos or the bold and brassy Bobato, Tile X Design is your connection to a wide selection of SomerTile products. Hold the stark Claude up against the muted tones of Classico and experiment with different looks and inspirations. Chat with the tile pros about the many beautiful facets of this brand and others, or simply drift through our showroom and seek the muse as it comes. Our staff at Tile X Design are more than happy to cater to whatever your needs are at the current moment.

With questions about any of our SomerTile products or for help finding the right brand for you, please give our Plymouth office a call at 763-551-5900.

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