Choose SICIS for Refined & Elegant Tile With an Eclectic Flair

For the artsy and innovative, for those ahead of the curve, and for those looking to wow, SICIS delivers, combining high-end style with sometimes playful statement-making prowess to create creative and intricate products.

Choose SICIS for:

  • Enchanting hues
  • Italian artisanship
  • High-end style

Luscious colors, interesting angles, and jewel tones make quite the impression. And with SICIS’s varied hues and transparency levels, each project becomes more than a simple collection of tile, but a work of art unto itself.

The brand’s heavy focus on artisan craftsmanship combined with an artistic Italian spirit makes it a no-brainer for architects, homeowners, and mosaic artists alike who want their project to have that little extra pizazz – that special something that sets it ahead of others of otherwise similar caliber.

Tile X Design’s Partnership With SICIS

The brand’s cross-disciplinary knowledge and the resulting designer tile have created some truly unique lines, the following of which Tile X Design is proud to stock:

  • Marble Mosaic
  • Sicis Gold
  • The Rug Skyline
  • Klimt
  • Metallismo
  • Ipix
  • Jakuchu
  • Colorpedia
  • Glass
  • Gold
  • Mediterranea
  • Neoglass
  • Papillons
  • Bathtub
  • Cosmati
  • Fenix
  • Fibers
  • Basic
  • Art Couture
  • Mosaic Pools
  • Home Collection
  • Furniture
  • Integrated
  • Diamond
  • Orientale
  • Pixall
  • Metallismo
  • Natural
  • Mirror
  • Portraits
  • The One Marble
  • Sculpture
  • Legittimo Scrilego
  • Firefly
  • Jewel Essential
  • Door Pulls
  • Structura
  • Colibri
  • The Book of Genesis
  • Showroom Ravenna
  • Arcimboldo
  • Blends Colors
  • Classic Marble
  • Flower Power
  • Hedonism
  • Jewels Unique
  • Marilyn
  • Savoir Faire Jewels
  • Vetrite
  • NiteLite
  • Shades
  • My Private Boutique
  • Lounge Bar

Tile X Design Is Proud to Distribute Brands That Share Our Vision

And what vision is that? That of providing the highest-quality tile to the deserving customer, of course! We have connections with companies around the globe, from Italy to the United States, whose products we’ve deemed worthy of helping achieve our Plymouth team’s goals.

But we don’t just stop at amazing designer products like those from SICIS; We know that our role as a distributor matters when it comes to a project’s final outcome, be it a fireplace, pool, or entryway. That’s why we work hard to instill the same quality in our client care that you’ll find in our products.

Browse Our Collections

Just need some time to seek a little inspiration? We get it. Just say the word and you’ll be left to browse our designer tile showroom in peace. If you need a little more hands-on help, schedule a personal consultation with our team!

Check Out a Variety of Artisan Styles

We’re always striving to stock the latest and greatest in artisan tile, so check in with us frequently. You might just find your new muse!

Get More Than Just a Tile Distributor

Need contractor recommendations for your home’s new tile kitchen? Are you an architect looking for LEED options? Are you a contractor whose client’s future hotel needs that special je ne sais quoi that you know you’ll find somewhere in SICIS?

Regardless, we’ll deliver. From technical and warranty support to personalized recommendations to maintenance advice and price match guarantees, we go above and beyond being a liaison between you and your favorite tile brands, playing an active and enthusiastic role into getting the product you need into your hands.

Stop by Tile X Design’s Plymouth Showroom Today

See what we and SICIS have to offer and open up a whole new world of design and artistic possibilities. With questions, please contact us at 763-551-5900.

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