Seneca Tiles: Classic and Contemporary

Tile in all its forms has a way of somehow being both classically chic and contemporarily statement-making. Nowhere is this more evident than in the handcrafted products from Seneca Tiles.

From fireplace tiles to pavers, to tile for mosaics, Seneca Tiles brings the best of vintage style with a heaping helping of modernness. Watercolor-esque colors of Seneca Studio marry classic colors with a style-savvy look, and the perfect imperfections in the shapes of the tiles in the Handmold collection are as eye-catching as can be.

And Seneca Tiles are more than beautiful According to Seneca’s website, the brand utilizes ancient techniques that hark back to much simpler times – each and every tile created has an individual character. When you buy Seneca Tile, you get individual works of art – not mass-produced tiles. Now that’s something few tile makers can say about their products!

Seneca Tile products include:

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  • You’ll feel good buying from a tile company that cares. Through our environmental work and our community-building endeavors, in addition to our partnership with environmentally friendly brands, we strive to leave the planet in better shape than we found it. Support our Earth-loving efforts and check out some of our green brands.

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