Quintessenza: Artisan Tile With Quintessential Style

If you’re looking for a tile brand that values art and expression above else, look no further than Quintessenza. One look at the brand’s official website and it’s obvious what drives this company: aesthetic value, creative ideas, and the small-format tile that delivers on them.

When you shop Quintessenza at Tile X Design, you’ll find beautiful tile from Italy that takes your newly inspired mind to places it’s never been before.

Why Small-Format Tile?

Quintessenza specialises in what the brand calls “small-format tile.” Though the exact definition of this phrase can vary from brand to brand, it’s a generally accepted notion that tile of this type be under eight inches square per piece.

Regardless of exactitudes, it’s small, often decorative, and the perfect product for the intricacies of your upcoming project. Think of it like the decorative buttons on a fancy blazer or the sequins on a party dress: detail-based, yet essential to the finished design.

Quintessenza itself attests to the other, functional benefits of using such tile: “Small format products are versatile and easy to lay.”

This tile is indeed attractive to homeowners, architects, and builders looking for a workable product that nonetheless versatile in its cosmetic potential.

A Brand With Style for Days

From trendy pastels to stately neutrals, Quintessenza sure knows how to turn heads with its decorative tile. Classical shapes lend its more avant garde ideas a grounded air, making them fit into a wider variety of potential projects and designs.

If you so choose, though, you can lean into this bold stylistic nature, impressing clients or creating a design that’s truly yours and perfect for a modern home.

Tile X Design Is Proud to Stock the Following Quintessenza Products

Check out the line availability tear sheet for more information.

  • 3LATI
  • CROMIA26*
  • GENESI26*
  • MINIMA8.6

Tile X Design: Your Preferred Quintessenza Distributor

We understand that, when you’re in search of luxury tile products like Quintessenza, you expect nothing but the best from your tile distributor. From the moment you walk in the door to the period following installation, you deserve support and attention—whatever that means for you.

Tile X Design is here to provide, whether you need comprehensive resources or just a nudge in the right direction as you peruse the showroom. Schedule an appointment at our Plymouth office today by calling 763-551-5900.

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