Committed to Innovating and Reaching Towards the Future

Progress Profiles is a brand that is “committed to looking beyond the known horizon with far-sightedness and perspicacity,” according to its official website. In other words, this company always has one foot in the future, and its potential—and its products—more than demonstrate that.

As a provider of various tile installation solutions, Progress Profiles products all push the boundaries of what can be done with modern tile. At the same time, the brand remains committed to high ethical standards. It’s the perfect partner for installing any other of our commercial or residential tile brands.

A Commitment to Functionality Is a Commitment to Art

Progress Profiles isn’t so much a tile brand as it is a provider of installation solutions, but that doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t contribute to the beautiful homes and artwork that so often come from tile.

From profiles designed to protect the edges of tile from damage—ever useful in the busy contemporary home—to joints that allow for thermal expansion and contraction—essential for exterior tile installations—Progress Profiles makes it possible to bring the artisanry of traditional tile into the modern age. This also gives it the strength it needs to endure today’s harsh architectural demands. How’s that for a commitment to the craft?

Additionally, Progress Profiles has collaborated with architects and interior designers to understand how it can best “combine high performance and contemporary style.”

High Ethical Standards Are a Given

Progress Profiles constantly invests in cutting-edge technology to bring its customers the very best, but its drive to leave a positive mark on the future doesn’t end there—caring for its employees counts, too. From providing them with a rooftop garden for breaks to prioritizing health and safety, it goes the extra mile for its workers, which means they are able to better bring superior-quality tile from Italy to you.

On top of that, the company is proud to practice sustainability, getting 60% of its annual energy needs from solar power.

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