Porcelain Luxury Tile With the Timeless Look of Stone

Skill, passion, and efficiency: these are the words Mirage’s official website uses to describe its brand mission. As it produces tile from Italy, the brand also strives to do justice to its geographic reputation as a producer of some of the finest porcelain tile in the world.

Coupling the strength and durability of porcelain and the classical look of stone, Mirage is well-suited for a variety of residential and commercial uses.

Why Porcelain Tile?

Stone didn’t become associated with toughness and rigidity for nothing, after all, so why go the porcelain route with Mirage?

Mirage porcelain tile’s biggest advantage is its lack of porosity. This means that spills such as juice, water, or even nail polish will not soak into and stain the material. A huge advantage in residential and commercial applications alike, this alone is reason enough to use Mirage for everything from bathroom tile to kitchen tile.

Anywhere where things get messy, Mirage has your back. Thanks in addition to its lack of porosity is Mirage’s ease of upkeep. Indeed, the brand’s website claims itself that “strong detergent and disinfectants can be used.”

Porous materials like many kinds of stone are a whole lot more finicky than tile when it comes to cleaning, and stains that set into a slab’s pores are sometimes impossible to get out, even with the help of a specialist.

Why Mirage?

No matter if you’re looking for modern tile or classic tile, Mirage’s sleek greys always fit the bill. Its Hub line, which Tile X Design is proud to stock, comes in everything from delicate to assertive, meaning that your project will get just the attitude boost it needs from this brand.

In addition, Mirage takes great care to circumnavigate the repetitive, artificial look that comes with some other porcelain tile brands. With its investment in innovation, the product you receive is guaranteed to be packed full of natural-looking beauty.

Finally, Mirage is a tile brand with a strong commitment to the environment. Not only are its tiles free from glue and resins, but the company invests a great deal in reducing its waste, and it is committed to doing so year after year. About 98% of raw waste material is put back into the production process. The company also invests heavily in research and development when it comes to environmentally friendly products.

To learn more about Mirage and the lines we stock, please check out Tile X Design’s tear sheet.

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