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As the oldest Italian porcelain tile manufacturing company in the renowned Sassuolo District, Marca Corona has been operating since 1741—old enough to boast its own company museum! Like a fine wine, this company’s styles and sensibilities have only gotten better with age. Though it harkens back to classically white porcelain tile, it also is brave enough to dip its toes into modern style, asserting itself as a key player in the international tile scene thanks to its versatility.

Exemplifying What Makes Tile from Italy a Breed of its Own

From the creative process to the actual manufacturing of the tile, this brand does all its work in Italy, a country known in this industry for its extraordinary craftsmanship and beautiful products.

Marca Corona states, “We write the words ‘Made in Italy’ with pride on our tiles because they stand for creative passion, expertise, and work ethic.” One look at any of its lines or the brand’s penchant for global usage—in more than 150 countries, to be exact—and you’ll see these key values in action in the form of tile-based art and architecture.

An Artisan Tile Company With High Standards and Strong Values

Being as well-respected and well-known as Marca Corona doesn’t just come from nowhere; in addition to its quality artisan tile work, its devotion to doing the right thing in multiple respects is unwavering—but it is especially so in terms of green porcelain tile and environmental sustainability.

For example, the company recovers the heat-based energy from its kilns and uses it to warm working spaces and fuel-future production. It has worked to seek out quarries near to its factories, cutting down on pollution that would otherwise come from transporting the raw materials.

The company’s packaging is 100% recyclable, and all rejected tiles are reused to make new tiles; both further cut down on consumption. Finally, the factory produces a whopping 92% of its own energy via a cogeneration system—talk about self-sufficiency and putting the planet first!

Tile X Design Is Proud to Stock the Following Marca Corona Lines:

  • Lagom
  • Overclay
  • Regoli
  • Victoria

For more information on line availability, please consult our tear sheet.

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