Seemingly Endless Tile Solutions for Complex Projects

Every once in a while, whether you’re a designer or a homeowner, you’ll run into a design issue with your tile. Whether it’s that the color’s not quite right or the texture seems to drown among the rest of the room’s decor, these can be difficult to solve without completely changing your vision. But luckily, there’s Landmark Ceramics – the brand that’s devoted to tile solutions.

Textures and Hues Aplenty

From the dark and stately Brick World London to the unobtrusive Timeless lines, Landmark Ceramics’ versatility in design cannot be overstated. This brand boasts ceramic tile looks across the style spectrum, with some products that fit neatly into one archetype and others that straddle the lines between them.

This makes Landmark Ceramics an amazing choice for the architecture professional or homeowner who is looking for a tile that blends denominations to their project’s unique aesthetic. It’s the tile equivalent of finding that perfect pinch of spice to complete a dish while cooking; of finding the missing piece of your near-complete jigsaw puzzle.

Create Spatial Unity With Looks That Span Applications

Landmark Ceramics has products suitable for both interior tile and exterior tile applications. What’s even cooler: It frequently offers tiles of the same look for both. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for architects and homeowners alike.

Create a living room that opens seamlessly into a three-season porch, or tone down the transition between the master bedroom and its balcony. With residential tile that can handle it all, your opportunities for ingenuity are limitless.

Landmark Ceramics Collections

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  • Aspen
  • Boston
  • Brick World
  • Charme
  • Charme Evo
  • Deco World
  • Emotion
  • Freedom
  • Frontier 20
  • Globe
  • Grace
  • Journey
  • Made.In
  • Nashville
  • NewYork
  • Portland
  • Soul
  • Spirit
  • Tibur
  • Timeless
  • Trek
  • True
  • Tuscany
  • Veneer Pro
  • Veneer Quarry
  • Vision
  • Voyage

Tile X Design: Here for All Your Tile Needs

Fireplace tile, bathroom tile, kitchen tile – at some point, you might need all sorts of the stuff for even a single project. With Landmark Ceramics you’ll find solutions to a variety of your needs, but add on the help of Tile X Design, and you’ll find solutions to all of them.

Work With a Tile Distributor That Goes Above and Beyond

Browse our massive collection of brands, shapes, textures, and hues, and seek inspiration at your own pace. Or, schedule an appointment to chat with a tile expert and receive personalized guidance; no matter how you plan and how you shop, we’re here to support.

And we don’t just uphold that promise by letting you choose the pace of your tile buying process; we also provide the resources to make choosing and working with tile seamless, both now and in the future.

  • We help homeowners communicate with their builder, designer, or contractor.
  • We frequently play host to a variety of continuing education seminars for architects.
  • Builders receive top-notch technical support.

Shop Landmark Ceramics at Tile X Design

Our Plymouth location is waiting with all the tile inspiration you need to make your next project your best one. With questions about Landmark Ceramics or any of our featured brands, phone us at 763-551-5900.

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