Artisan Tile From Italy

Fresh, trendy, modern, and contemporary in aesthetic, Fuoriformato blends large format tile with the bright colors you crave. From laundry room tile to spa bath tile to tile suited for larger works of pop art, this stand-out brand is the perfect way to make a decorative statement. Due to its high durability, the company’s website even claims that its tiles can be used for exterior projects, which opens up a whole new world of architectural design and artistic possibilities. Fuoriformato offers large-scale tiles that can stand up to both the cold and mechanical damage with ease. If it’s that strong when used outdoors, imagine what that type of tile can do for your interior projects!

Fuoriformato tiles are available in countless patterns and colors. From solid hues to chic botanical designs to tiles that resemble a painted surface, you’ll find just what you’re looking for with this brand—if you’re a homeowner, artist, or business owner who loves to stand out.

Go With a Distributor That Understands Your Need for Style

You might think that the distributor from which you buy your Fuoriformato tile is inconsequential when it comes to the finished product. After all, you might reason, obtaining the tile itself is just a small step in the entire artistic, design, or renovation process. However, we at Tile by Design can attest to the importance of a knowledgeable, friendly, and keen-eyed distributor for anyone who is even remotely interested in purchasing tile, no matter if you seek that tile for commercial, residential, or artistic purposes.

  • All tile brands are different. Though we strive for the utmost quality in our selection of each of our high-end products, we know that each tile brand is made with a different audience in mind. Some are suited for use as, say, spa tile, while other brands (like Fuoriformato) excel when used in outdoor projects. Unless you are a tile expert, you are unlikely to have a working knowledge of the industry. Luckily, the experts at Tile by Design are here to lend you ours.
  • We can help you find the exact color you need. Whether you’re a specialist in interior design or just an interested homeowner, matching the colors in your project is of the utmost importance. Have you ever worn an outfit in which the two purples you donned didn’t match, or your white socks and white shoes were of a slightly different hue? Imagine that feeling when it comes to your house or project! With Tile by Design’s expertise and Fuoriformato’s immense line of colorful products, you’re sure to find the exact matching shade you need.
  • Expand your possibilities. It’s hard to sift through an entire product line on your own. Make the process easier and faster with the seasoned professionals at Tile by Design. We can point you in the direction of the perfect Fuoriformato product you need, leaving you with more time at the drawing board, and with more time to tackle those big, tile-related projects. Or, we can also suggest a Fuoriformato product line you might have never even thought of, sparking new ideas and advancing your design potential. No matter the outcome, your possibilities expand when you work with Tile by Design.

Interested in Fuoriformato products, or simply don’t know where to begin when it comes to decorative tile? Tile by Design has got you covered. Give our Plymouth facility a call now at 763-551-5999.

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