Modern Porcelain Tile With an Elegant Stone Finish

Florim stone brings you the marvelous looks of real stone with the durability of a porcelain composition, but that’s not all. This brand is unique in that it offers massive slabs of tile (greater than 160×320 cm, according to the official website) with three different thickness options, making it a versatile medium for designers and contractors alike.

Plus, it’s tile from Italy, with its parent company Florim having roots in the Sassuolo ceramic district, so you know that Florim Stone shares the same commitment to quality that tile from this locale is known for.

Tile X Design is proud to stock this innovative, durable solution for a variety of your interior tile needs.

Porcelain: Stone’s Tough, Clean, Low Maintenance Cousin

Florim Stone isn’t shy about toting the benefits of porcelain when it comes to countertops—and for good reason, as there are plenty! According to the brand’s official website, its porcelain is resistant to UV staining and physical scratches, as well as being completely waterproof.

On top of all that, it’s easy to clean; Florim Stone even provides its customers with step-by-step instructions that, condensed, are no longer than a few sentences. Talk about simple maintenance!

Kitchen Tile That’s Perfect for the Job

Conscientious chefs will appreciate that Florim Stone contains no resins, meaning that it will not leave residual toxins if it happens to touch your food.

In addition, the pressing process used to create this tile subjects it to temperatures of above 2,100 degrees fahrenheit, meaning that any hot ingredients dropped on it are unlikely to cause damage.

Combine all that with its ease of cleaning and sleek colors and Florim Stone renders itself a perfect fit for the chef who craves form and function.

Tile X Design Is Proud to Carry the Following Florim Stone Lines

  • Marble
  • Solid

For more information on Florim Stone’s availability, please consult the brand’s tear sheet.

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