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Since 1963, Epro Tile has made its products with both respect for the environment and traditional artisanry in mind. Its tiles are instantly recognizable—perhaps due to the unique character that is inherent in handmade products.

Epro’s tiles are available in countless designs and colors, from the statement-making, strikingly bold potter’s’ wall style to the glossy, muted gemstone hues of the heritage glazed. The Country Home line features geometrically regular designs with earthy tones, while the Winslow Wall draws the eye with bright, expressive zaps of color. No matter what you’re looking for in your spa bath tile, fireplace tile, or laundry room tile, Epro Tile can provide.

All Epro Tile products are made by hand, and the company harks back to a long heritage of doing so, having been founded in 1963. However, a love for artisanry goes hand-in-hand with a love for the environment for this company; the very name, “Epro,” stands for “Earth products.”

  • Epro recycles. Epro uses a byproduct of coal-fired electricity production into some of its products. It uses the liquid waste made from its clay to fortify other tiles and repurpose the heat from its kilns to warm its buildings and prepare other tiles to be fired. It could be said that, through a touch of ingenuity and a deep respect for the environment, Epro strives to show its love for the planet by reusing where it can.
  • Epro makes use of its off-grade tiles. So deep is the company’s respect for craftsmanship that it puts all of its product, perfect or not, toward helping others create their own works of art. Its yard is filled with off-grade tiles and is a favorite place of those in search of one-of-a-kind product with which to create unique masterpieces. Aside from providing a service for discerning homeowners and commercial users of tile alike, this also saves these perfectly usable yet imperfect products from landing in a landfill.
  • Epro sources locally and in an environmentally friendly way. Epro only uses clay found within 100 miles of its headquarters. This can cut down on the fuel used to transport such materials, lowering Epro’s overall carbon footprint. It refines its locally sourced clay minimally, which could also help to reduce the amount of emissions the company puts out.

Respect for its customers and respect for the environment seem to be the primary mission of this company. If you are a business owner or interior designer in need of commercial tile who shares similar values, Epro may be the tile company for you.

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