Stoneware Tiles Designed to Mimic Nature

Moonstone doesn’t just describe a lovely gem. Now you can achieve a similar texture on your floors too with the ingenuity of Coem Ceramiche! This tile from Italy is available in a variety of styles and effects inspired by nature.

  • Shop gorgeous Italian tiles inspired by ecological beauty
  • Be eco-conscious with porcelain mimics of natural materials
  • Create an exterior space that melds with nature

Coem Ceramiche: All the benefits of sturdy, long-lasting porcelain tile with the beauty of real wood, marble, brick, or stone. Perfect for those seeking a lookalike material instead of the real thing to preserve valuable natural resources and reduce your environmental impact.

Original. Nature-Inspired. Refreshing.

From standout solid colored tiles to original finishes, Coem Ceramiche expands its reach into uncharted stylistic waters. Best described, its aesthetic is modern yet unique – something you might see in an artist’s loft that’s equally at home as entryway tile or fireplace tile.

Indoor Settings

This brand prioritizes harmonizing its styles with nature and lists the natural world as a huge inspiration. No wonder it’s as trendy as it is!

Tiles for indoor settings are designed with specific areas in mind:

  • Living Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Sleeping Areas
  • Public and Commercial Areas


With a sensational twist on fresh favorites, Coem Ceramiche manages to make its mark on the modern interior tile industry. In a market where brand after brand is going for trendy grieges and white-marble hues, Coem Cermiche manages to remain trendily on-point in its color choices yet still statement-making and original, quite the hard line to straddle!

Effects include:

  • Country style stone effect
  • Luxury stone effect
  • Italian stone tiles
  • Grit tiles
  • Plain color tiles
  • Marble tiles
  • Wood effect tiles
  • Cotto tiles

Exterior Applications

Coem Ceramiche also takes its fashion-forward styles to the backyard and patio, where each style integrates with the natural outdoor surroundings. It doesn’t seem too industrial when laid as outdoor tile. In fact, we feel it looks quite chic! We aren’t surprised with the brand’s long-standing focus on emulating the beauty of nature.

Coem Ceramiche Lines From Tile X Design

Tile X Design is proud to provide the following collections from Coem Ceramiche:

  • Afromosia
  • Bricklane
  • Flow
  • Lagos
  • Moonstone
  • Reverso
  • Reverso2
  • Soap Stone
  • Terrazz

Tile X Design: Your Source for Coem Cermiche

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