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Ceramica Vogue is part of the larger Vogue product system. Vogue’s products are designed to bring elegance, warmth, and simplicity to the spaces they are installed in. The Transparenze tile line comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles, which allows you to customize your design to your exact specifications. We pride ourselves on working with you to ensure you get exactly what you need to create the atmosphere you crave in your residential or commercial building. We use Ceramica Vogue because we know our customers love the array of choices available and the ability to further customize the products.

Transparenze Tile Line

Ceramica Vogue’s Transparenze tile line offers 30 colors, as well as various cuts, shapes, edges, designs, and more. If you choose to do so, the 30 different colors can be blended together for a more unique splash of color for your project. Additionally, these tiles come with a shiny finish, which radiates light throughout the space you are designing, no matter how much natural light is available. Transparenze tile is typically used for kitchen tile and bathroom tile, but can be used in a variety of other manners. Some of the 30 available colors include:

  • Ghiaccio
  • Seta
  • Beige
  • Rosa
  • Albicocca
  • Papaya
  • Rosso
  • Corallo
  • Mandarino
  • Giallo
  • Cedro
  • And more

With the ability to customize the color, shape, style, and more of your tiles, you can create a refined space for a reasonable cost. To see the rest of Ceramica Vogue’s available colors, visit their site.

Find Your Dream Design

At Tile by Design, our customers love the variety of shapes and colors Ceramica Vogue offers them. In addition to the many colors listed above, they offer a variety of sizes, as well as special pieces. Being able to customize your decorative tile gives you complete control over the design, which allows you to dream up an infinite amount of design options. From there, you can narrow down your choices to what best fits the space and your preferences. The differing sizes break the tiles into small squares, larger square pieces, long rectangle pieces, and more. The seven sizes they offer are:

  • 2”x2”
  • 4”x4”
  • 8”x8”
  • 8”x16”
  • 4”x8”
  • 2”x16”
  • 2”x4”

They also offer 11 special pieces you can use with your design. Those pieces are:

  • Cod. N
  • Cod. M
  • Cod. W
  • Cod. K
  • Cod. E
  • Cod. F
  • Cod. C
  • Cod. D
  • Cod. U
  • Cod. X
  • Stick

To learn more about the differing sizes and special pieces Ceramica Vogue offers for ceramic tile and mosaic tile, visit their site.

Create A Warm, Energy-Filled Space

With the variety of colors and styles Ceramica Vogue uses, you as the designer can create your dream space. These tiles are great for both indoor and outdoor designs, as well as certain specialized areas. This line of tiles can be specialized to act as spa bath tile, as well as fireplace tile. The versatility of the tiles and the warm color palette allows you to create a friendly, refined, and welcoming space that draws people in and makes them feel at home.

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If you are looking for the best tiles on the market, contact Tile by Design today. Ceramica Vogue can customize their Transparenze style in a variety of colors, edges, sizes, and more. When you choose us for your tile needs, we will work with you to ensure you get the exact commercial or residential tile you want for your project. To learn more information about our products and services, give us a call at 763-551-5900 or message us on our contact page.

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