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At Tile by Design, we are committed to providing you with as many brands as possible so you can find the exact look and feel you want for your residential tile or commercial tile. Due to our commitment to our customers, we provide you a variety of tile brands, all with varying styles. Each of these styles is custom made to reflect a certain message and create a desired atmosphere. We use Casa Dolce Casa because their varying styles and collections create a variety of aesthetic spaces we know you will love. With the varying shades, shapes, and designs of the imported tile, Casa Dolce Casa tiles are great for any project.

What Sets This Brand Apart?

Casa Dolce Casa is one of the most popular brands we distribute at Tile by Design. This brand has 13 different natural stone styles, which are common in modern homes and businesses, as they are designed to fit a certain aesthetic. Each style comes in a variety of sizes, colors, textures, thicknesses, and more.

Most of these styles reflect elegance and sophistication, but also have a way of bringing the room together to create a welcoming, homey feeling. Some of the different styles can be combined based on your preferences to create a unique look that is second to none. Additionally, available colors can be blended to allow you to create your own look unlike any other.

  • Materia Project - Comes in 12 sizes, five colors, two thickness levels, and four surfaces, including mosaic tile and glass tile.
  • Collection 01 - There are nine sizes, three colors, one surface, and one thickness level. The Collection 01 series is typically used for interior tile and exterior tile options.
  • Argille - The goal of this style is to make it look as though it has an aged stone effect. This tile has six sizes, two surfaces, two thickness levels, and four different colors.
  • Artwork - This high-end tile comes in five sizes, seven colors, three surfaces, and two thicknesses.
  • Flagstone - This porcelain tile has seven sizes, five colors, three surfaces, and one thickness level.
  • Icon Outdoor - This style has two sizes, two colors, one surface texture, and one thickness level.
  • Motion - This large format tile comes in 12 sizes, nine colors, three surfaces, and two thickness levels.
  • Neutra - These decorative tiles have 17 sizes, 14 colors, three surfaces, and three thickness levels.
  • Pietre - There are two types of Pietre tiles. PietPietre/2 tiles are available in seven sizes, two colors, one surface, and one thickness level. Pietre/3 tiles are available in nine sizes, six colors, two surfaces, and two thickness levels.
  • Stones and More - This style is available in 18 sizes, nine colors, three surfaces, and two thickness levels.
  • Studios - Studio style is typically used for floor tiles and wall tiles because of its shading and simplicity. This comes in 12 sizes, six colors, three surfaces, and three thickness levels.
  • Urban Style - There are 11 sizes, four colors, two surfaces, and three thickness levels. These tiles are usually used in modern homes or older homes to spruce them up.
  • Vetro - There is one size of this style, which is available in 15 colors, two surfaces, and one thickness level. Vetro style is commonly used for kitchen tile and bathroom tile.

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