Mosaic Tile Made With Modern Technology

Mosaics evoke an air of dignity in a space – one that almost makes a person automatically stand up straighter. However, commissioning such mosaics often remained far outside the realm of all but the most patient designers. Today, Artaic tile has brought the art of the mosaic into the twenty-first century, making drop-dead stunning custom mosaics available to everyone.

Using state-of-the-art technology often seen in the commercial construction industry, Artaic creates commercial tile and residential tile perfectly fit for custom mosaics in a fraction of the previous time frame. Designers, take note—your deadlines will be met with this brand!

Choose Artaic tile for:

  • A variety of interior tile needs, from custom mosaics to corporate signage
  • Quick turnaround times
  • The best of modern design that meets the best of modern technology

Amazing Creative Flexibility

Nothing wows like a mosaic. If you’re a designer, stunning creations are now well within your grasp, thanks to Artaic’s custom tile creation process. You don’t even need to have a specific image in mind; Give Artaic’s design team even a smidgen of inspiration, and they’ll come back with loads of ideas!

Add their fast custom sampling turnaround times and an easy installation process, and Artaic practically becomes a deadline-driven designer’s dream.

Endlessly Customizable Options

Artaic makes its artisan tile using what’s called CAD – Computer Aided Design.

This technology has been of use in the architectural and commercial construction industries for some time now, and it allows professionals to visualize a design on a computer before finalization. It helps the maker to ensure efficiency and client satisfaction, as it’s a lot easier to tweak aspects and fix mistakes when they’re digital versus physical.

Artaic has taken this approach and fused it with an eye for stunning custom mosaics, resulting in some of the most innovative and stylistically versatile designs on the market. The interior tile and exterior tile can really fit anywhere, including on floor mosaics, entryway mosaics, and in murals. From deep blues to sunset hues, the possibilities are endless!

Couple that with fast lead times and sustainable workmanship, and you really couldn’t ask for more from a provider of decorative tile.

Shop Artaic at Tile X Design

Tile X Design is proud to provide Artaic tile, including:

  • All materials
  • All collections
  • Custom Mosaics
  • Arabesque
  • Damask
  • Flourish
  • Glyph
  • Lasting Rugs
  • Resalvage
  • Ornamental
  • Splash
  • Urbn
  • Verge

Shop Artaic at Tile X Design

Of course, finding the right tile brand is only a part of the purchasing process. The right tile distributor can make or break a potential project. Tile X Design strives to be the perfect liaison between you and your favorite trendy tile brands and all those hidden gems you haven’t discovered yet! Our vast selection of brands, styles, and tile uses makes us your one-stop shop for everything artisan tile.

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