Luxury Tile Made with Modern Design in Mind

Encore Ceramics is truly the epitome of high-end tile, exemplifying everything that the medium can be. Countless colors, from glittering amethysts to soft and delicate creams to sleek, black, matte finish tile, make Encore Ceramics tiles a striking, high-class addition to any home or business.

Your creative potential with Encore Ceramics from Tile by Design is limitless. Mosaic tile can serve to draw the eye with its swooping lines or sharp angles, while decorative fields enchant with their intricacies. No matter the theme of your decoration, there is an Encore Ceramics product to amplify your aesthetic.

Moreover, you can feel great ordering from an ethical, caring company with a long history of respecting both its artisanal employees and the environment.

A Commitment to More than a Quality Product

Encore Ceramics has committed itself as a business to more than simply producing luxurious ceramic tile. When you order this brand through Tile by Design, you’ll be supporting a company that cares—a company that:

  • Is at the forefront of solar energy solutions. Encore Ceramics’ original solar panel installation was, at the time, among the largest in the American Northwest. This system of 176 rooftop panels allows the company to cut its CO2 emissions by over 70 thousand pounds annually.
  • Knows the importance of clean water. Encore Ceramics calls Southern Oregon home—specifically, the banks of the Rouge River. The company is committed to the cleanliness of these shores. It distills all the water it uses for ceramic tile production—a process that purifies the water and removes all leftover waste. Furthermore, the company has strived to reduce its overall water use in the first place, as the more than 40 thousand gallons saved annually attest to.
  • Has eliminated waste product completely. Encore Ceramics goes the extra mile when it comes to dealing with its raw waste; all excess clay from the production process is captured and reused. Tiles that are not fit for sale are donated to Habitat for Humanity or schools in need.
  • Keeps its jobs American and its workers safe. When you order Encore from Tile by Design, you’ll support a process that creates American jobs and a company that strives for the highest degree of worker safety.

Why Order from Tile by Design?

Encore Ceramics is a Tile by Design exclusive; we’re the only showroom in Minnesota. We hold dear many of the values Encore does. We are:

  • Environmentally conscious. Our Plymouth location relies 100 percent on wind power for its electricity. We’ve also made a commitment to promoting brands and products that the Environmental Protection Agency rates highly. We strive to involve all of our work partners, furthermore, in green business practices.
  • Socially conscious. We financially support our partners’ individual environmental projects, such as tree planting and community agriculture initiatives. Tile by Design also offers paid time off to work partners for any volunteer work.
  • Community conscious. We offer countless services to anyone who walks into our showroom—design help, contractor help, a price-match guarantee, you name it. We care deeply about our Plymouth community.

Order Encore Ceramics from Tile by Design

Support two great companies today while indulging in the luxury that is fine ceramics. Whether you are in need of entryway tile, laundry room tile, or anything in between, Tile by Design has you covered. Stop by our Plymouth showroom today or contact us at 763-551-5900.

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