Decorative Tile for the Discerning Designer

14Oraitaliana, as tile from Italy, has made its mark being used as everything from subway tile to bathroom tile to kitchen tile. The brand’s countless different color options make it a great choice for a variety of styles, from modern and chic to lush and botanical. No matter what your artisan tile design ideas are, there’s an 14Oraitaliana tile to fit it. Go for a trendy, geometric feel with I Gattipardi, or keep it understated and classy with Le Riggiole. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, makers of pop art and lovers of Andy Warhol’s style will fall in love with 14Oraitaliana’s artisan tiles, but they’re just as useful for the design-savvy homeowner ready to add a touch of luxury to their bathroom, living space, bedroom, fireplace, or almost anything in between. 14Oraitaliana’s range of patterns and colors serve it well in this respect, which allows you to design a home space that’s truly your own. The brand is also suited for light commercial use in addition to its design and residential applications, which makes it an extremely versatile type of tile.

14Oraitaliana, as stated above, is tile from Italy. If you’re a United States resident, you’ll need to find a local distributor of 14Oraitaliana tile to get your hands on it. At Tile by Design, we’re proud to be your Plymouth distributor of 14Oraitaliana tile. Our company unites the elements of design, innovation, and style while providing top-notch customer service, which gives you a tile-buying experience, unlike any other.

Why Choose Tile by Design as your Oraitaliana Tile Distributor?

At Tile by Design, we’re firm believers in going above and beyond what’s expected, both in terms of the product delivered and in terms of customer service. As a tile distributor, we understand the unique role we play as a link between our brands and our customers. We see it as our mission to unite the best tile brands with your innovative vision to create something entirely new.

  • Let us help you find the perfect tile for your needs | Gloss, matte, satin, graphic—tiles come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes. We’re experts in tile brands, and we’d be happy to do anything from pointing you in the right direction to sitting down and discussing your project with you.
  • Shop with a company who cares | Environmental sustainability is important to us, and we make great efforts to promote such values in our business. For example, as of 2006, our company has relied on wind power for all of its electrical needs. When you shop with Tile by Design for your 14Oraitaliana tile, you’ll be supporting our efforts to leave the Earth a greener place.
  • We serve everyone from designers to artists to homeowners | No matter where you come from or what you plan to do with your tile, our talented staff are excited to begin working with you. Stop by our showroom Monday through Saturday to browse, or make an appointment with one of our specialists for a weekday. No matter how you want your tile buying experience to look like, we have the resources and expertise to make it that way.

If you’re interested in 14Oraitaliana tile, still haven’t decided on a brand, or are simply playing with the idea of taking on a tile-related project, stop by Tile by Design’s showroom today for inspiration and a helping hand. You can also call us at 763-551-5900 with any questions.

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