What design trend will succeed pattern mix tiles?

Cementine style pattern mixes are still a huge trend in Europe, but the same can’t be said for here in the Midwest. Patterns are still trending strong, but we’re seeing them now evolving into large-scale complete designs, mosaics, and more custom looking installations. And this makes sense; one of the biggest aesthetics that has been trending is the appearance of the handmade tile without the cost of being artisan-made (i.e. any photo trending in #fromwhereistand). We’ve seen many manufacturers update their collections to include tumble edged subway tiles, and new surfaces that undulate and evoke handmade variation.


We’re currently living in a design phase where just about any style from any period is fair game, so long as it’s mix and matched well, of course. Delicate and classic bathroom floor mosaics and robust Victorian patterned entryways are coming back strong because of the revival of older design trends, and the high demand of handmade aesthetics.



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Thinking outside traditional Subway tile.

Skinny formats like the 3x12 are going strong these days, and continue to evolve with textures and dimensional elements. As previously mentioned, manufacturers are updating wall tile collections to include tumbled edges and imperfect surface textures. But they’re also pushing the dimensional expectations of wall tile. We’ve seen inverted bevels, bevels on only the long edges, pock marks and raised dots, waves, dimensional lines and textural brush strokes. Whether you’re doing the whole splash, the whole wall, or sprinkling a textural tile in alongside matte finish or otherwise “normal” looking tile, chances are you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for super fresh textures, view the Biscuit collection by 41 Zero 42, or a modern color palette, check out Tinte by Quintessenza.
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Muted colors and Matte finishes for floor and wall tiles.

As manufactures are producing more dimensional tile surfaces, soft matte finishes are being opted for over high gloss glazes. The effect is often subtle and refreshing, as eliminating reflective light-play allows for appreciating other design aspects of the product. This trend also ties into the larger “calm space” trend now seen throughout most interior design and surface industries.

Explore the warmer side of cement-look tile with our new stocked product Hub by Mirage.
Go abstract with the Shades collection by Piemme.

Large Format Tile: Not just for commercial spaces anymore.

One of the biggest reasons for why large format tiles are so popular is because of the limited grout lines. Less grout lines means a less busy design, and in our busy world, people crave calming spaces. Larger formats have already been around in the commercial design world, but now it’s being welcomed into homes. Not only is porcelain economical, sustainable and durable, you can get any look that you want from driftwood to polished marble, without the cost and maintenance issues of the real thing. Manufacturers are getting so good at making these look-alike tiles with authentic looking color and surface variations; you can barely notice the difference! From 12”x24” and 18”x36” tiles to 5’x10’ panel formats, for metallic looks or hand painted porcelain “wall paper”, there are no limits.


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Our conclusion?

These trends are likely to outlast 2019, but there’s no one answer stylistically for the dos and don’ts of tile at home these days, though the biggest thing to remember is to mix it up! Have an older home? Opt for refreshing modern palettes and textures on traditional shapes. Looking to stay modern but comfortable? Consider some warmer greys in large formats. Ultimately, it’s your home, so adorn it with materials that make you feel at home. For any style, Tile X Design has your project covered. Visit our showroom, or explore our products here.