Covering’s 2019 boasted an impressive 26,000+ attendees for being only a three day trade-show, as well as 9 miles of tile and stone products and 11,000 exhibitors. But, if you weren’t able to attend this year’s Coverings conference in Orlando, don’t stress, we’ve got you covered! From pops of glam to the revival of retro botanicals, here we’ll go over some of the major takeaways from the largest tile and stone expo in North America.


Creating a new dimensional texture or surface pattern is still prominent and many were showcased this year, but more emphasis in many areas of design is on mixing the styles of past movements with modern applications. And the tile and stone industry delivered exceptionally; the result is a wonderfully fresh synergy between resurgent styles and contemporary technical innovations (notably: retro green and orange botanical designs on porcelain wall panels).


Porcelain Tile


Geometric lines and shapes have reigned supreme in every facet of consumer products the last few years (crystals, anyone?), from clothing to home goods and flooring. So the reintroduction of Art Deco design elements shouldn’t surprise anyone. By using the minimalism and clean lines of contemporary design as a base layer, decorative jazz embellishments are starting to pop up everywhere. And we’re okay with this, who doesn’t want a little glam in their life?


Keeping in line with the overall mix and match design phase we’re currently in, Terrazzo made a huge appearance at the show with contemporary applications, from the real deal to porcelain look and large format, and most notably: cement aggregate styled looks.


We also saw more pastel hues, muted earthy tones, and the return of warmer browns and pinks, shades that for many years haven’t been trending in the American design market. But rest assured friends, there will be no pink bath carpeting in these trend waters.


Manufacturers are continuing to improve their techniques for wood effects, and by incorporating more textures and organic variations to surfaces – it’s nearly impossible to discern between the porcelain product and the real thing. Keeping on trend with retro palette revivals, many of the wood-looks leaned towards warm hues and reddish tones.


We expect to see more and more manufacturers developing wood-look porcelains as the demand for sustainable and economical flooring alternatives to wood persist.


Art Deco influences were ubiquitous in many new surface patterns and collection designs. Pops of gold and silver metal trims were found in mosaics, and beautifully juxtaposing the Brutalist style aesthetics of aggregate concrete-looks. As a natural variation from the pops of glam that the metal trim was evoking, pops of glossy glazes on matte subway formats were also prevalent, often giving the appearance of an artfully placed brushstroke.


tile designs


A refreshing breakaway from the reign of Carrara stone or Calacatta looks was the resurgence of darker marbles and dark marble-look porcelains, as well as the introduction of tiles and wall panels that are best described as agates and abstracted stone-looks, often with gold vein-like embellishments.


Again and again we were reminded how dominant geometric shapes are in many current design trends, and we were pleased to see Moroccan geometry still making its way into the discussion as contemporary concrete-look arabesque tiles.


We here at Tile X Design have always believed in providing innovative and stylish products to our clients, so it’s no surprise that Coverings is like a holiday for us! We’re excited to bring in new products revealed at the show, and to continue providing fashion forward and trustworthy designs to you and your projects. Stay tuned for updates on the collections we bring in and in the meantime, refresh yourself to what we currently have or stop on by the showroom!


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