We are seeing more Minnesota design professionals go to the internet for product selections and samples.  This has led to specifications written to the benefit of out-of-state suppliers who are not even authorized to promote the products in our state.  These designers may be saving a little time today, but they are, unwittingly, creating extra problems for the owners and contractors on their project.


For this reason we have created a Top 10 List of Reasons to Spec Local:


  1. Over 90% of products advertised nationally are available locally and should you inquire, most local reps are happy to help you find the local source.
  2. Local businesses are able to provide you same-day and next-day service, whether your request is for a sample or a jobsite visit.  Ever been told by an out-of-state rep that they won’t be able to come out to help you with a critical problem for a couple more weeks?  Now your project is shut down or you settle for less, because you and your owners and contractors can’t get a timely inspection or decision.
  3. Local businesses will take an invested, long-term approach by hiring people who put relationships first, take the time to get to know you, your preferences and special interests. 
  4. Locally owned and operated businesses also provide your contractor teams a range of benefits:  prompt service, credit, free product storage, staged deliveries, training and education, and more.  How many options do you have when your contractors have paid the out-of-state supplier in advance and are, perhaps, looking at your project like a “one-shot” deal?
  5. Local businesses support your local trade organizations.
  6. Local businesses reduce environmental impacts by reducing transportation distances and costs.
  7. Local businesses invest more in your community.  They hire local, donate more to community groups and strengthen the economic base.
  8. Local businesses also create a stronger tax base and that translates to better schools, transportation and public services for you and your family.
  9. Local and often one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character of the community we call home.
  10. Keep your money where your heart is!


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