*Construction & Construction Suppliers are considered Critical Business under MN Executive Order 20-20.⁠ 


*Effective March 27 to April 10, the Tile By Design Showroom is open by Appointment only


*Still in Effect March 28 until further notice: The Showroom will be closed for Saturdays. 

"We continue to support you and your projects by shipping products, samples, and providing digital support services.⁠ We are encouraging our clients to utilize our minimal-contact resources, such as calling in or emailing orders, and using our online billing portal.⁠ 


Design Associates and Sales Representatives are available via email and phone to assist with Design, Specification, and Quotations. The TXD Showroom is strictly practicing Social Distancing, Respiratory Etiquette, and Comprehensive Sanitation in accordance with CDC Guidelines. While we are regularly disinfecting surfaces and taking these measures, we ask that visitors wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival and before departure. 


To schedule an appointment, request samples, or to get in touch with your representative, please call us at 763-551-5900 or submit an inquiry on our Contact Us page. 


As changes occur, we will keep everyone updated. ⁠ 

Wishing good health and safety to all, 
Tile X Design