2018 has come, and it’s brought a few new bathroom tile designs along for the ride. Natural tile looks great in a bathroom. Whether you’re boosting your bathing area’s appeal, seek a reprieve from moisture damage or simply want to redefine your home’s style—you have a number of options to choose from.


Picking the right floor tile for your bathroom remodeling project isn’t always simple. Because you have a lot of artisan tile designs to choose from, picking the best style can be difficult. Tile By Design wants to help. Below, we’re covering 2018’s hottest bathroom tile trends.


Trend 1: Ocean-Blue Tiles With Matte Finishes

Matte finish tiles are booming in modern bathrooms. They’re soft, powerful and beautiful. Plus, they don’t collect steam like glossy tiles. Ocean-colored matte tiles, specifically, are making a splash. Aqua blue, frosted tiles are being installed to enhance perceived bathroom dimensions.


Low-maintenance, classic and memorable, matte-finish tiles don’t show water marks. Ocean-blue tiles are being installed into showers, too, matching with bathroom backsplashes to create a quiet, yet texturized, style.


Trend 2: Nude Neutrals to Match Wooden Surfaces

Nude neutral tile colors are also popular this year. Homeowners are opting for beige, gray and cream-colored artisan tiles. Nude neutral colors pair well with wooden surfaces.


It isn’t rare to see the adoption of nude neutral tiles in Cork and Dublin bathrooms, either, grounding vibrant earthy tones with calm, relaxing hues. Plus, neutral colors enhance a bathroom’s light impact—enhancing dimension while maintaining a “grounded” feel.


Trend 3: Herringbone Mosaics

In 2017, metro tile was in style. Now, homeowners are choosing chic-style herringbone tile. Herringbone is a great choice for walls and flooring alike. It offers the same allure as classic parquet flooring, and its bold design is available in a number of hues.


Interestingly, bathroom designers are also implementing herringbone mosaics. Placed away from splash zones, these mosaics complement a bathroom’s baseline herringbone design while offering something extra. Herringbone mosaics have become particularly popular in bathrooms featuring solid marble vanity slabs.


Trend 4: Natural Stone and Wood

Natural stone and marble tile, too, is making an impact. Much like nude neutral tiles, natural stone tiles pair well with wooden fixtures.


The mash-up gives bathrooms a comforting, spa-like feel. Plus, natural stone is durable. If you want a long-lasting design which promotes your bathroom’s luxurious appeal, natural stone is for you.


Trend 5: Rose Gold

Rose metallics were already trending, but rose gold border tiling just became newsworthy. This artisan tile selection might be a little bold, but it works well when paired with black tiles and indigo walls. If you want an indulgent bathroom, rose gold is the perfect option.


So, what’s your next bathroom style? Tile By Design is a locally owned importer, so we have the materials, colors and finishes needed to create long-lasting, memorable bathroom tile installations. Call us today at 763-551-5900 for a free assessment. Or, schedule an appointment with us. At Tile By Design, your look comes first.